Living things have a long history of _________ change.


What is Average speed?

it is the total distance traveled by an object divided by the total time taken


May 1-4, 1863

what are lipids composed of?

carbon, hydrogen and oxygen but in different proportions to carbohydrates

Where did the Aryans at first settle in India?


What is mole (mol)?

The number of grams of a substance that equals its molecular weight in daltons and contains Avogrado's number of molecules.

Which of the part of the cellular respiration process takes place in the cytosol of a eukaryotic cell?


What does independent assortment generate?

Independent assortment generates genetic variation.

what is the fifth step of transcription?


What is peak to peak amplitude?

it is a measure of the maximum and minimum amplitudes, it is equal to 2*amplitude

what is Mass number

This is the sum of neutrons and protons in an atom.

How is Receptor-mediated endocytosis specificity mediated?

it is mediated by receptor proteins that are located on coated pits

Who began the first gun factory for an interchangeable parts rifle?

Eli Whitney

how many bonding pairs do tetrahedral planar have?

4 bonding pairs

Is respiration and endergonic or exergonic reaction?


Who proposed the theory about neural circuit organization?

Santiago Ramon

Types of nuclear decay include the following except: 1) alpha decay, 2) neutron decay, 3) beta decay, 4) internal conversion

2) neutron decay

Hydration Shell

The water molecules around each dissolved ion or molecule that allow substances to dissolve.


trading posts that were sometimes the center's of governments.

A synapse at which a presynaptic axon terminal synapses onto the axon terminal of another neuron is called

axo-axonic synapse