What term describes a period between monarchs in which there is no monarch?


what are arterioles?

they are small arteries that distribute blood to the capillaries

How did the Spanish-American war start?

The Spanish America war originated from the Cuban struggle for independence from Spain. Span had implemented brutal repressive measures to stop the rebellion, some of which were portrayed in U.S newspapers. The U.S decided to intervene and Spain declared war on the U.S


someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes

where is Florine found?

It is found as the first element in the group of halogens

What is the state symbol for solid?


What is the test for metal carbonates?

A metal carbonate will react with dilute acid to form CO2, which turns lime water cloudy

Select the correct statement about the nephrons.

The parietal layer of the glomerular capsule is simple squamous epithelium.

Buoyancy is caused by?

Buoyancy is caused by differences in pressure acting on opposite sides of an object immersed in a static fluid

What are some laws contained in the compromise of 1850?

It contained laws admitting California as a free state. It created Utah and New Mexico territories. It settled the Texas-New Mexico boundary dispute. It made it easier for southerners to get back fugitive slaves

The Americans won the battles of Lexington and concord thanks to _______

Paul Revere's warning

which dynasty ruled china before the Qing dynasty?

The ming dynasty ruled china before the Qing dynasty

Oswald Avery, Maclyn McCarty, and Colin MacLeod did work that showed that this was the genetic material


Why do scientists use the metric system?

It is a standard unit of measurement

This type of RNA has an anticodon at one end and an amino acid attached at the other end.


How do you determine whether or not a carbohydrate is labeled D or L?

In a Fischer projection, locate the highest number chiral Carbon. If that highest number chiral Carbon's has a hydroxyl group that points RIGHT, it is D. If it points LEFT, it is L.

what is a recessive allele?

it is an allele that only has an effect on the phenotype when present in the homozygous state

what are some chordate characteristics

Notochord, hollow nerve cord, pharynx with opening, post-anal tail

What are the artifacts caused by hyperbilirubinemia and oxyglobin?

Analyzer manufacturer should provide data on how these artifacts affect machine operation

What do all energy releasing pathways (exergonic) produce?