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what is a lipid?

lipid is an water insoluble biochemical molecule, but it is soluble in nonpolar solvent

Are lipids naturally occurring?

Lipids are naturally occurring organic compounds, commonly known as oils and fats

What are the characteristics of lipids?

lipids are relatively insoluble in water, but they are freely soluble in organic solvents like ether, acetone and benzene

what are lipids used for?

lipids are used as storage compounds, triglycerides serve as reserve energy for the body

what are unsaturated fatty acids structurally composed of?

fats and oils

fats and oils are also called?

they also called triacylglycerols or triglycerides, and they are glycerol triesters

what are fatty acids?

they are carboxylic acids with long chain hydrocarbon chains

are fatty acids saturated or unsaturated?

they can either be saturated or unsaturated.

what are saturated fatty acids?

saturated fatty acids can pack more tightly, and remain in solid form at room temperature.

what are unsaturated fatty acids?

Unsaturated fatty acids are not as tightly packed as saturated fatty acids and are liquid at room temperature.

when fatty acids are dissolved in water, they form?

Micelle, where the polar region is the outer side of the sphere and the non-polar region forms the center of the sphere.

what side group is present in fatty acids?

a carboxyl group

which bonds are present in fatty acids?

covalent bonds

what is hydrogenation?

Hydrogenation is the adding of hydrogen atoms to unsaturated fatty acids. This makes the liquid fats more solid. This process is used to make margarine

what is a stearic acid?

it is a saturated fatty acid with 18 carbons in the chain

what is an Oleic acid?

it is unsaturated fatty acid with 18 carbons in the chain

what is a Cis-fatty acid?

it is when the hydrogens are on the same side of the double bond, they are naturally occuring

what is a Trans-fatty acid?

it is when the hydrogens are on opposite sides of the double bond, they are normally linear and occur in partially hydrogenated foods

how are triglycerides formed?

by the bonding of fatty acids and a glycerol molecule

what are triglycerides also known as?


what is glycerol?

Glycerol is a 3 carbon alcohol that is used to form triglycerides

fats are stored as?


what serves as the backbone for triglycerides?


How are triglycerides broken down to produce energy?

by hydrolysis or dehydration

give an example of a triglyceride that is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and liquid in room temperature?


give an example of a triglyceride that is rich in saturated fatty acids and are generally semi-solids at room temperature?


what are phospholipids?

they are similar to triglycerides but contain a phosphate group and a choline in place of the fatty acid

what is the structure of phopholipids?

the 3rd hydroxyl group of glycerol is linked to a phosphate group

what are sterols?

sterols are lipids that contain many rings of carbon atoms.