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where are halogens located in the periodic table?

They are located to the right of the nonmetals and right of the noble gases

what are the elements that make up halogens?

Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine

Halogens occupy which column?

Halogens are found in column 17 of the periodic table

what do you get when halogens are reacted with hydrogen?

Acids form when halogens are combined with hydrogen

What do you get when halogens react with metals?

halogens react with metals to form salts

Do halogens have valence electrons?

Halogens have valence electrons in their outer shell

Halogens exist as ______ molecules

diatomic molecules

In which phase of matter do halogens exist?

They exist in all three main phases of matter. Iodine and astatine are solids, bromine is a liquid, fluorine and chlorine are gases at room temperature

Compounds that contain halogens are known as?


where is Florine found?

It is found as the first element in the group of halogens

Florine atom has _____ electrons and _____ protons?

Florine atom has 9 electrons and 9 protons

Which element is the most reactive of all elements?


which element is the most electronegative element?


what is the odor of Florine?

Florine has a pungent odor

Florine forms a gas that is made up of two fluorine called?

diatomic gas

Describe the reactions of Florine?

Florine reactions are sudden and explosive

where is Florine found in nature?

Florine is found in the earth's crust in fluorspar, fluorapatite, and cryolite

Florine has an isotope called?


Is Florine gas dangerous?

Florine gas is deadly and corrosive

What are some commercial use of Florine?

Florine has been used in toothpaste to prevent tooth decay

where is chlorine found?

It is found as the second element in the halogen group

Chlorine atom has _____ electrons and ____ protons

Chlorine atom has 17 electrons and 17 protons

How many valence electrons does chlorine have?

Chlorine has 7 valence electrons in the outer shell

How does chlorine exist under standard conditions?

chlorine is a gas under standard conditions

What are the physical appearance of chlorine gas?

chlorine is green yellow. It has a strong odor

Is chlorine gas dangerous to humans

chlorine gas is poisonous to humans

Chlorine reacts with other elements except _____

noble gas

what are chlorides?

chlorides are common chlorine compounds

Compounds formed between chlorine and oxygen are called

Compounds formed between chlorine and oxygen are called chlorine oxides

Chlorine has two isotopes called?

Cl-35 and Cl-37

where is Iodine found?

Iodine is the fourth element in the halogen group

what is iodine classified as?

Iodine is classifies as a halogen and a non-metal

Iodine has ____ electrons and ____ protons

Iodine has 53 electrons and 53 protons

Iodine has ____ valence electrons

Iodine has 7 valence electrons

what are physical appearance of iodine?

Iodine is a dark-blue solid

Iodine can sublimate from_____ to _____

iodine can sublimate from solid to gas

How does iodine exist as a gas?

Iodine is a purple vapor

Is iodine dangerous to humans?

Iodine is dangerous and can burn the skin and eyes

where is iodine found in nature?

It is found in oceans and in the earths crust

what are some uses of iodine?

iodine can be used in sanitation systems. As an antiseptic. It is used as animal feed, cloud seeding etc

who discovered iodine?

it was discovered by french chemist Bernard Courtois in 1811

what is iodine's isotope called?