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What geographical area did the maya civilization occur?

They occupied the yucatan Peninsula which is preset day exico, parts of present day Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador

The central part of the mayan empire was covered by the _______ rain forest

great Amazonian through which ran river Belize

what kind of government did the maya civilization have?

They had a hereditary absolute monarchy

The high priest was king of the sacred city of ______

Izamal and was consulted by the monach on all important things

Did the mayans keep slaves?

Yes, the slaves were prisoners of war and their children

Crimes in the mayan civilization were punishable by ______,

Death mostly by throwing over a precipice, fines, and enslavement.

What crops did the mayans grow?

They grew maize, cotton, rubber, tobacco and tomatoes among other crops

The maya considered ______ to be the most precious sacrifice

human life and blood. royal blood was the most sacred

Whose duty was it to convince the gods to bring sufficient rain?

the King

______ was collected on strips of paper and burned to pay homage to the gods

the spilled blood

What happened to victims of human sacrifice?

They were either decapitated, drowned, underwent bloodletting or they had their still-beating hearts removed

Why did the maya sacrifice younger victims?

younger victims pleased the gods because younger souls were considered pure

The object of war was to ______

was to take prisoners than to kill. Noble prisoners were sacrificed to the gods, the other prisoners were kept as slaves

Which materials did the maya use to design their works of art?

they used flint, bone, jade, obsidian, stucco, shell, and cotton textile

_____ was used to make necklaces


what was the purpose of the maya art?

mayan art was spiritual, and was designed to please the Gods

The focus of the mayan art is on the ________

human figure whether gods or mortals

Maya cities were dictated by the _____ of the location

the topography

The directional orientation of the temple was due to ______

was due to the interpretation of the orbits of the heavenly bodies

In the maya cities ______ is where people gathered

the public plaza

what is wattle and daub?

It is a building material (used to build maya huts) used for making walls where woven lattice of wooden strips (wattle) is daubed with sticky material (i.e wet soil, clay etc)

What was the purpose of the pyramids?

They acted as ceremonial monuments and vertical abodes of the gods

What was the architecture of the maya pyramids?

They were composed of step like foundations and a central staircase

what is the largest structure the maya build?

the temple of the jaguar priest which was about 70 meters high

Why did the maya empire decline?

The mayan empire declined around the 10th century due to the invasion from central mexico and they grew beyond the capacity of the land

The last mayan center was captured by the ______

by the Spanish in the 17th century

what was the population of the maya at their peak?

At their peak the maya population was around 15 million people