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What geographical area did the aztec empire occupy?

The aztec empire occupied the area around present day Mexico, Guatamala, Salvador and Honduras in the 15th and 16th century

How did the Azetc empire begin?

It begun as the nomadic people from the north settled in the Valley of Mexico in the 1200's

what was the capital of the Aztec Empire?

The capital of the Aztec Empire was Tenochtitlan

How did the Aztec solve the problem of seasonal flooding?

They dug irrigation canals

The Aztec warriors wore helmets made up of _____

wood and heads of animals

What was the purpose of the shield that the Aztec warriors carried?

They used the shields to fend off arrows and spears at war

How did the Aztec dress?

The leaders wore woven clothing made of cotton, and the peasants wore maguey fibers. Bright colors were a sign of an individual high rank

Who was Itzacoatl?

Itzacoatl was the 4th ruler

Who was Moctezma 1?

Was a chief who followed after the rule of Itzacoatl, he ruled between 1400 and 1469

How did the Aztec feed its large population?

Through agriculture i.e irrigation systems build from lake Texcoco

what crops did the Aztecs grow?

They grew tomatoes, avocados, squash, chili peppers, flowers and corn

what was the primary crop that the Aztec grow?

corn. The principle food eaten by the Aztecs was cornmeal pancakes called tlaxcalli or tortilla

The aztecs hunted _______ for meat?

The hunted deer, rabbit, ducks and geese for meat

The only animal that the Aztecs domesticated was ______

was the turkey and dogs

The Aztec were credited with the discovery of _______


Who was allowed to eat chocolate?

It was used by the warriors and nobility

When cacao was combined with ground corn it made a drink that was believed to _____

increase strength, and i was used in religious ceremonies

Fishermen used nets made from _____

maguey cactus fibers

what did the Aztec fishermen fish for?

They fished for fish, turtles, ducks and frogs

______ was an alcoholic drink that was drunk by the warriors, royals and nobility?


How was the Octli produced?

It was produced from the sap of the maguey plant

what happened if a nobleman consumed Octli and got drunk?

He was put to death

When boys turned fifteen years old they were enrolled in a school called _____

telpuchcalli or house of youth

What did the young boys learn in the telpuchcalli?

they learned history, religion, civil duties.

True or False: All boys were trained in war affairs?


what is a cuicacalli?

A Miliraty school

What kind of school did the children of nobility go to?

Calmecac, it is a school that was connected to the temple

True or False:Females in the Aztec society were subordinate to men?


Schools for girls was training forr _____?


What is the most famous calendar of the Aztecs?

The stone Calendar. It took them 52 years to build

The stone calendar was _____ feet thick, and _____ feet in diameter, _____ weight

it was 3 feet thick, 12 feet in diameter and weigh 24 tons

The Aztec year is ____ months each with ____ days

eighteen months each with 20 days

The Aztec year is _____ days

360 days

The Aztec worshiped _____ gods

1000 gods. The sun god was most important

Where were religious ceremonies held?

In temples called teocalli

True or False: The Aztec performed human sacrifice