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The Persian Empire is also called the _____ Empire

The Achaemenid Empire

The Persian Empire was founded by ______

Cyrus the Great, the king of Persia

Why was Cyrus the Great such an important ruler?

He was an important ruler because he help unit the Persians into one kingdom.

When did Cyrus the great rule?

He rules between 559 and 530 BCE

How did Cyrus the Great treat the people he conquered?

He treated them with generosity, allowing them to continue with their cultures and customs e.g he allowed the Jews in Babylon to return home after the Babylonian Captivity

What lands did Cyrus and his successors conquer?

Conquered Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Syria, Canaan, and the Phoenician cities. His successors conquered Egypt, western India, and Thrace (a region northwest of Greece).

The first Persian Empire took control of the middle East after the fall of the ____ Empire

The Babylonian Empire

Who extended the Persian Empire to Egypt?

King Cambyses

who extended the Persian Empire to India?

King Darius

Who succeeded King Cambyses?

King Darius

Which ruler of Persia governed with an imperial bureaucracy?

King Darius

What is an imperial bureaucracy?

Division of an empire into organized provinces to make it easier to control

what was King Darius capital city


What are some accomplishments of King Darius?

He was able to standardize the currency and establish the Royal Road

What was the Royal Road?

It was a system of stations along a road to provide fresh horses and riders to quickly communicate throughout the empire

How did the Persians connect their vast empire?

They build roads that were used to communicate. The most famous road was the Royal road

Each part of the Persian Empire had a ruler called?

A Satrap

Who were the Satrap?

Satraps were local Governor, their duty was to enforce the Kings laws and collect taxes

How many Satraps did the Persian Empire have?

Around 20 to 30 Satraps

The Persians followed the teachings of what prophet


Who was Zoroaster?

He was a Persian prophet during the rule of the Chaldeans who explained good and evil in the world by giving believers a choice between following the god of good or god of evil

what happened after Zoroasterians who followed the god of evil died?

They were Condemned to fiery pit

What happened after Zoroasterians who followed the god of good died?

They entered life in paradise

What was Zoroastrian?

These where beliefs in Ahura Mazda, the Persian god.

What happened when King Darius attempted to conquer the Greeks?

He conquered some Greek cities but when he attempted to conquer Athens, he was defeated by the Athenians

King Darius was defeated by the Arthenians at the Battle of _____


Why did King Darius decide to invade the Greeks?

He invaded the Greeks because the Athenians had helped Greeks in Asia Minor rebel against their Persian rulers.

what was the name of king Darius Son


Xerxes was defeated at the Battle of _______

Xerxes attempted to finish what his father started and conquer the Greeks, Xerxes was defeated at the Battle of Salamis and forced to retreat.

How large was Xerxes forces?

180,000 troops and thousands of ships

Why was it important for the Greeks to attack Persian ships?

It was important for Greeks to attack Persian ships because the Persian army transported it's food in boats, and an attack on the ships would cut off the food supply

Why did the Greeks stall the Persian army

So that they can get their forces ready for battle

who defeated the Persian Empire


Who led the Greeks in their conquest of the Persian Empire?

Alexander the Great