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Glial cells are also known as

neuroglia which means "glue"

what are some of the functions of glial cells?

For support. Supply nutrients and oxygen to neurons. Insulation. Kill pathogens and remove dead neurons

Do neuroglia conduct nerve impulses?

Neuroglia do not generate nerve impulses

Can glial cells regenerate if injured?

YES, glial cells can regenerate if injured unlike neurons

what are glial cells

glial are specialized cells that nourish and support neurons

what are satellite glial

glial cell that provide nutrients for neurons in the PNS

what are astrocytes cells

a neuroglial cells in the shape of a star in the brain

what are radial glial

this are glial cells that act as a bridge for developing neurons as they move to their end destination

what are schwann cells

the only glial located in the PNS. myelination of axons

what are microglia

cells in the brain that function as phagocytes to remove debris left by dead or degenerating neurons and glial cells

what are oligodendroglia

glia that provide layers of membrane that insulate axons in the brain and spinal cord, able to contribute myelin to several axons

what are basal ganglia

basal ganglia is a structure of the brain that plays a role in the initiation of movements.

what are radial glia

direct neurons during development

what are the four types of CNS neuroglia cells?

Astrocytes, Ependymal cells, microglial cells, Oligodendrocytes

Where does Astrocytes get their name from?

their name come from the fact that they look like a star

Where are Astrocytes mostly found?

Astrocytes are mostly found in the brain

The Astrocytes cell body sites between the _______ and _____ of the brain

between the blood capillary and neurons of the brain

What are the function of Astrocytes?

They function as the blood brain barrier

How do Astrocytes behave as blood brain barriers?,

They regulate the flow of ions, sugars and oxygen in and out of neurons. Also regulate waste elimination

When neurons in the brain are injured they are replaced with scar tissue made up of ______

Astrocytes in a process called gliosis

what is the function of oligodendrocytes?

Oligodendrocytes are responsible for myelination of axons within the CNS

where are Oligodendrocytes found?

Oligodendrocytes are found in the nervous system of invertebrates and vertebrates. Also in rows between axons

Oligodendrocytes are subdivided into ________ and _______

they are subdivided into interfascicular and perineuronal types

How can Oligodendrocytes be diferenciated from astrocytes?

Oligodendrocytes have a greater density of cytoplasm and nuclear, large numbers of microtubles

what kind of cells are Ependymal cells?

They are cells that line the cerebral spinal fluid containing cavities of the brain

what are Ependymal cells?

They are neuroglia cells that form epithelial lining of ventricles in the brain and spinal cord

what is the function of satellite cells?

They regulate the oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrients around neurons in ganglia

what is the function of schwann cells?

They help in the repair process after injury. Also responsible for myelination of peripheral axons

where are schwann cells found?

They surround axons in the PNS

Schwann cells create?,

nodes of ranvier

what is the function of nodes of ranvier?

they allow electrical impulses to jump from one node to another faster than unmyelinated neuron

what is the function of microglia?

They perform housekeeping functions.They remove cell debris. Remove pathogens and phagocytosis. Remove dead cellular materials and bacteria

What kind of cells are Microglia?

they are phagocytic cells similar to macrophages

Microglia cells are also known as?


where do microglia originate from?

They originate from the bone marrow and enter the CNS through the blood

when are microglia activates?

Microglia are present in small numbers, but proliferate and activate if there is a disease or injury